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XM Mondays @ Oslo – Kevin Saunderson wsg DJ Reggie Hotmixx Harrell

Some DJ’s just LOVE music on all levels, then with other DJ’s – MUSIC is just in their Blood (or lack thereof)…..

Reggie Hotmix Harrell began spinning as a DJ in the early 80’s and like most DJ’s coming up in that era, he knew a DJ was only as good as the music he spun – YOU’VE GOT TO BRING THE HOTNESS.

Reggie, like many other DJ’s frequented a little Record Shop on 7 Mile Rd. called Professionals Records that sold some of the hottest music at that time. Young Reggie used to ride his bicycle up to the store and plunk down his cash to buy the hottest Import singles and 12” classics. Seems that one day, he was a little short on cash for that “just one more 12” single” that he just HAD to have and asked the store to hold it for him. Reg remembered passing a clinic on his bike that paid Cash for Blood Donors…. A little while later Reggie returns to Professionals (a pint or two low), plunks down the cash and leaves with his “MUST HAVE” Record but ends up PASSING OUT on his Bike during the ride home.

Reggie Hotmix Harrell survived the ordeal and went on to become one of Detroit’s Hottest DJ’s. In the mid 90’s he hosted and spun a Mix Show on the popular station WHYT 96.3 called the Hip Hop Explosion for many years and still brings the hotness today – HOUSE STYLE – as a resident mixer on Detroit’s ONLY House Music Mix Show – Club Insomnia on FM 98 WJLB – every Saturday night at 3am.

Join Reggie Hotmix Harrell, Kevin Saundersons featured Guest DJ this week at Xperimental Music Mondays at Oslo. Kevin has agreed to have Cookies and Orange Juice available just for Reggie – just in case he does some last minute Record shopping for the event.

Monday, November 16th 2009
8:00pm –12:30am

XM (Xperimental Music)
Disco, Techno, House, Abstract Grooves & More!

Kevin Saunderson
Reggie Hotmix Harrell

Plus DJ’s Art Payne & Keith Martin

Oslo – 1456 Woodward Ave
Downtown Detroit

Free Admission B4 10:00pm
(See below for ALL NIGHT No Cover Special)

Come Early – Drinks Specials
$5 – Long Islands ‘til 10pm
$5 – Cosmos ‘til 10pm
$3 – Kamikaze Shots – ALL NIGHT!

Food also available @ Oslo until 11pm

This Weekend – Saturday Nite after the Clubs @ 3am – 5am EST.
Tune into Club Insomnia on FM 98 WJLB
and listen to Kevin Saunderson mixing LIVE
along with Reggie Hotmix Harrell

plus DJ Cent and your Host DJ Kim James

Tune in and listen to find out how you can get on Kevin Saunderson’s
special – NO COVER ALL NIGHT – Guest List for XM Monday @ Oslo


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